Via Francigena

Return to Glow

I read a book called “Return to Glow” during the quarantine in November 2020. The author, Chandi Wyant, made her pilgrimage on the “Via Francigena” trail in Italy after a traumatic illness and her divorce. She walked from Fidenza to Rome alone, determined to recover her passion for her life.

This book has a beautiful plot, a pilgrim alone on the path of history, to free her from past pains and embrace the possibilities for her future.

This book inspired me to plan a trip for the spring of 2022. Since I was young, I have wanted to travel on foot in Europe. But I had two children before I got the opportunity.

I’m sixty-five years old today, and now I’m finally ready to live the dream. I hope to be an inspiration to women who, like me, realize the life they dream of, and believe that all of this is possible. Thanks Chandi Wyant, you have lit the way for us!

Erin Davidson
Erin Davidson