The Via Francigena

The ancient route that in medieval times connected Canterbury to Rome and to the harbors of Apulia has been discovered by modern wayfarers, who set off on a surprising and enchanting route. Since 2001 the European association of vie Francigene coordinates the development and promotion of an itinerary that runs across Italy and Europe, retracing the history of our continent.



Latest News

Council of Europe Cultural Routes Training Academy

Every June the European Association of the Via Francigena Ways participates in the annual Council of Europe Training Academy for the Cultural Routes to share its best practices and know-how with cultural routes managers and learn new tendencies in cultural management and sustainable tourism.

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Project ‘Italy, Greece and Turkey on Foot’

On April 1 2019 the European Association of the Via Francigena Ways engaged in an ambitious project ‘Italy, Greece and Turkey on Foot’ which aims to develop a walking route connecting Europe and Asia – Via Eurasia.

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Reims, new signage for the "Via Francigena GR145"

From the end of April, hikers will find new signage in the Reims area.

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Your Francigena in the Lands of Siena

The training route for tourism operators dedicated to the enhancement of the Francigena opened on 7th May.

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