Via Francigena

EAVF is involved in international, national and territorial projects aimed at fostering the development of the Via, its greater knowledge and frequentation in order to increase slow and sustainable tourism and enhance the heritage, both material and immaterial, of the territories crossed.

The process of the UNESCO candidacy of the Via Francigena, which began in 2010 and then resumed in 2015, saw the first operational phase take place in 2017, involving the MIC (Italian Ministry of Culture), the Italian regions and EAVF, as the technical entity. The project received a strong international boost thanks to the ‘Road to Rome 2021’ event.

EAVF has been active since 2012 in European project planning, supported by numerous international partners, to carry out activities in territorial cooperation programming in the Horizon, Erasmus and Interreg programmes.

Francigena Service S.r.l., the operational arm of EAVF, implements territorial development projects along the itinerary: organisation of walking events, training activities, signposting supply and placement along the itinerary.

The staff of EAVF and Francigena Service s.r.l. have acquired skills and experience in the field of walking and slow tourism. The training focuses on the creation of itineraries, accommodation, communication, project cycles and the infrastructure of a route, bringing European best practices into the training programme.

“I Love Francigena” free group hikes have been an established format on the Francigena territory since 2017: a series of events highlighting the cultural itinerary of the Via Francigena and offering a unique opportunity to discover sections of the route through its cultural and natural heritage and products of local gastronomy.

Local associations in Italy, in agreement with EAVF, are dedicating themselves to the care of a section of the Via Francigena route, checking its safety and maintenance and, where necessary, intervening on the official signposts, replacing those in poor condition and improving their effectiveness.

The Stop&Taste project is dedicated to the discovery of food and wine excellence along the European route of the Via Francigena. An invitation to discover the territories by tasting the local specialities and learning about their history.