Via Francigena

The Credential, or “pilgrim’s passport”, is the fundamental document for pilgrims that allows access to accommodation facilities located along the itinerary. The pilgrim will get a stamp in every location where he/she stays or passes (turist offices, churches, hostels, …), until the conclusion of the walk.

To buy the credential, ask the french office in Champlitte (shipping less expensive) –

For people who are travelling the last 100 km by foot or 200 km by bike, the Credential allows to receive the “Testimonium“, an official certificate of pilgrimage.

We invite you to consults the Pilgrim Code of Ethics


The Credential issued by the European Association of the Via Francigena ways grants a series of additional benefits to pilgrims:

  1. Thanks to the agreement with Trenitalia and Trenord, by showing the Credential to agreed upon ticket offices, it is possible to have a 10% discount on the price of regional train tickets. For more information, see the dedicated page
  2. A discount on the prices is applied in many restaurants and bars along the path.

The sale of the Credential supports the activities of the European Association of the Vie Francigene and of partner Associations of the Via Francigena. Read how