Via Francigena

The Credential, or “pilgrim passport“, is the document on which Via Francigena wayfarers receive a stamp at tourist offices, parishes, accommodations, and refreshment facilities that they encounter along the way.

Apart from being a precious memento of the experience, the credential distributed by the European Association of the Via Francigena offers pilgrims several additional benefits:

  • access to accommodations along the route at reduced rates;
  • discounts in numerous restaurants and bars along the route;
  • exclusive discounts for pilgrims who travel to and from the route using a means of transport EAVF has an agreement with. The agreements with Trenitalia and Trenord offer pilgrims a 10% discount on the price of a regional train ticket on the enabled routes (click here for more information), while those who opt for the bus can activate a 10% discount on the entire FlixBus network, with the possibility to bring their bicycle on board (click here for more information);

The credential is also a way for pilgrims to support the activities of the EAVF and affiliated Via Francigena associations, such as the maintenance of the itinerary, signposting, and rest areas. Finally, by purchasing the credential pilgrims help to support the:

  • updating and distribution of route maps and information materials;
  • maintenance and updating of the free App available for iPhone and Android, which allows GPS navigation along the entire route of the Via Francigena from Canterbury (Kent, England) to Rome (Lazio, Italy), to the ports of Puglia, and which can be consulted even in the absence of internet coverage;
  • updating of the accommodations database;
  • maintenance of the official Via Francigena communication channels such as the website, the blog, the Facebook Community, and the EAVF social media channels;
  • promotion of the Via Francigena as an international cultural itinerary on its way to UNESCO recognition.

Furthermore, for those who cover the last 100 km on foot or the last 200 km by bicycle, the Credential allows you to receive the Testimonium, the certification of your pilgrimage.

See the Pilgrim’s Code of Ethics.