Via Francigena

Capacity building

Via Francigena Capacity Building
EAVF’s training proposal for public bodies, local communities and the private sector

To train territorial stakeholders and meet the needs of an increasingly experiential and sustainable tourism demand. This is the objective of the ‘Training on the Road‘ project of the European Association of the Via Francigena (EAVF), aimed at public bodies, tourist offices, trade associations, companies and local communities.

In order to improve reception, stimulate an increase in tourist flows and generate concrete economic benefits, it is essential to qualify the tourism product at local level through training and the direct involvement of the actors directly concerned. In fact, the competition among the numerous Italian walking routes is not only played out on the level of infrastructure but also on the development of the tourism product. To win this challenge, it is necessary to respond with professionalism and services to the specific needs of demand.

The training offer proposed by EAVF intends to involve and train the protagonists of the Vie Francigene. Objective: to improve the reception at local level for the users of the routes, in their various typologies (pilgrim, hiker, tourist, cyclist, camper van, etc.); to increase the customisation of already existing services or the creation of new ones (luggage transport, bicycle hire, poor hospitality, etc.) and to promote the knowledge and usefulness of the information and territorial promotion tools already in place (APP, website, logos, events, etc.).


EAVF proposes a training course for public bodies, local communities and companies adapted to the context of reference. The methodology adopted will be experiential, interactive and homogeneous, with innovative didactic tools to be used in presential or remote form. The training course will be conducted with trainers who are experts in active tourism marketing, tourist destination management and participative processes, with many years’ experience in the enhancement of Cultural Routes and Itineraries.

Info and contact
Tel. +39 0524 517 380

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