Via Francigena

Via Francigena for Future: EAVF Supports the Environment

The theme of respect and protection of the environment, as well as the climate change, is at the center of the world’s media. The European Association of Via Francigena Ways (EAVF), on the occasion of the 3rd Global Strike For Future on 27 September 2019, reiterated its total support for the movement with the slogan “Via Francigena for Future”.

The association, commissioned by the Council of Europe for promotion of the route, is engaged through its daily activities in safeguarding and sharing best practices in support of the environment of the European green route of  3,000 km long. The path, providing a human experience to its walkers, gives an opportunity of promoting and developing the European ideals and values, as well as supporting ecosystems and environment that surrounds it.

The Via Francigena is a European journey of peoples, cultures and especially territories. Cycling or walking along the old Canterbury-Rome route and continuing to the gates of Puglia, today becomes more than ever an ethical choice. The Via Francigena provides an opportunity for responsible tourism that puts the habitat in the forefront. Living the landscape in its most authentic dimension, with the slowness of steps, allows us to better observe what surrounds us, to appreciate the beauties and sometimes the limits caused by human negligence.

This is why the EAVF promotes environmental sustainability through numerous projects aimed at raising awareness of citizens and institutions.

With “I Love Francigena“, the format created by the AEVF, dozens of walkers have covered certain stages of the route and contributed to its maintenance with special attention to the environment. In September 2019, during the hikes along the section of the route in Emilia-Romagna, waste left on the country roads was picked up, citizens and administrators participated to make the environment cleaner.

The agreement with Trenitalia and Trenord signed by the EAVF also aims to pay attention to the environment and encourage use of less polluting and sustainable means of public transport. Sustainable mobility is indeed another essential condition for making the world of tomorrow possible. Pilgrims who have the EAVF credential and intend to travel part of their pilgrimage route using regional trains are entitled to certain discounts on their ticket.

The world is a beautiful place that is worth fighting for,” said Hemingway. Choosing to walk the Via Francigena is the first step to give your own contribution to the environment and make the world a better place.