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Peregrinus, a construction workshop for pilgrims on the Via Francigena

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Redazione AEVF

Peregrinus is a construction workshop exploring minimal habitats for pilgrims on the Via Francigena. Two shelters were built in ten days by 20 students during this year’s assembly Easa Tourist 2019 in Villars-surOllon.

The habitats were conceived for the gardens and domain of the Abbaye de Salaz in Ollon. The theme Tourism served as a guideline for the conception of this workshop. The intentions being to question the minimal needs for a temporary habitat translated in an architectural form. A primitive hut finding its roots on one of the major European pilgrim route.

The Via Francigena, linking Canterbury to Rome, crosses through the territory of Switzerland over 215km. Passing through the Jura and the Alps, the path stops by the wellknown Abbaye de St-Maurice. Close by we find the Abbaye de Salaz, old rural dependence of Saint-Maurice which producted historically the goods and wine of the clergy. Today at the Abbaye de Salaz3, a family still produces wine and offers to host pilgrims on their way to Rome. The countryside surrounding the Abbaye was the perfect rural context to work with to develop the project. 

Considering this heritage, the base for the design was to question the notion of shelter in today’s highly technological world as well as in the European touristic context. The pilgrims transporting with them only the basic equipment, what space did they need to rest? The pair of shelters are both protecting from the sun and the rain and isolate the pilgrim from the outside through a thin layer of felt. The outside piercing through small textile doors like a tent, pilgrims are directly in connection with the silent surrounding of the countryside.

PEREGRINUS is invited to participate to the art festival Feÿ arts4 in Burgundy in September 2019. The two shelters will host for three days many pilgrims and take part of a wide cultural event. The project will essentially take part of the European network via francigena5 to host pilgrims by next spring 2020. 


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ARCHITECT/DESIGNER: Laurent Chassot, Elena Chiavi, Agathe Mignon, Thibault Smith

PARTNERS: EASA CH, Abbaye de Salaz, Association Via Francigena, ALICE EPFL

TEAM TUTORS Laurent Chassot, Elena Chiavi, Agathe Mignon, Thibault Smith

PARTICIPANTS Evelina Bartusevičiūtė, Luís Correia, Leda Demetriadou, Eneida Firaku, Evelyn Flores, Matteo Fontana, Julia Frendo, Lars Gustav Rogne, Ezgi Hoca, Dirk Hoogeveen, Michal Karpeta, Eglė Kliučinskaitė, Yimika Koya, Manogna Murari, Pantelis Ninis, Csongor Nyíri, Dinesh Prasad, Annachiara Squitieri, Noa Akosuka Wilhemi, Daniel Xuereb