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Brewery San Gimignano: a Journey of Taste

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

“Each of our beer, with its inspiration, label and name, is a tribute to a certain way of walking or traveling, a particular mood that accompanies the pilgrim, a special way of discovering the world”.

 The collaboration between the European Association of the Via Francigena Ways (AEVF) and the Brewery of San Gimignano was born from this philosophy of slow discovery. The company producing Tuscan craft and organic beers, based in Barberino Val d’Elsa, has become a part of the network dedicated to services and accommodations along the Via Francigena.

Founded in 2013 by Mr Stefano Botto, the Brewery is a modern artisan facility inspired by a figure of the pilgrim – emphasising organic production, respect for environment, agriculture, materials and history.

“The figure of the pilgrim is the one who best describes our way of brewing and researching beer. Pilgrims travel at the slow pace and continually relate to what is around them. In the same way, our beers are made respecting the natural rhythms and using local and organic raw materials “explains Mr Stefano Botto, founder of the Brewery.

These inspired beers are the result of research, tradition and innovation: “Sigeric” is blonde beer dedicated to the most famous pilgrim of the Via Francigena; “Durovernum” – dark and strong beer, whose name derives from the Latin name of Canterbury.  There is also “Roma” – the light ipa (India pale ale) with exotic aromas and a fruity taste; “Altrove” light : well hopped beer with spicy and floral aromas of 7% vol  and also “Errante” produced with ancient Tuscan grains, a light beer of 5% vol, with a light body and slightly spicy hints, made for those who know that travel is a wonderful metaphor for life.

Quality, tradition and research: the San Gimignano Brewery is part of one of the first Bio Districts of Italy and has given life to Cantina Errante: “Terracotta, wood, spontaneous and mixed fermentations, flowers, herbs and fruit of the season are some of the elements we like to experiment with. Cantina Errante tells you a story of our exploration of raw materials, processes and fermentations ”explains Stefano.

A must, a trip to the small brewery is not to be missed. How to plan your visit to the San Gimignano Brewery?

  • To the pilgrims with the AEVF Credential, the company reserves a 10% discount on each purchase, also valid online.
  • For online purchases: go to the website and select the products, then send an email to with your order and a photo of your AEVF credential.
  • The company reserves a discount for accommodations and service providers that operate along the Via and are interested in selling the beers.
  • The company is available to participate in events dedicated to Via Francigena products online with the AEVF members and friends’ associations.

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