Via Francigena

“Unlikely Pilgrim”: a year of walking pilgrimages around the world

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Redazione AEVF

Unlikely Pilgrim”: a year of walking pilgrimages around the world is a fascinating project promoted by Masha Vapnitchnaia, a travel and lifestyle writer living in New York City. On June 1st she will  begin a year of walking ancient roads around the world. The first pilgrimage will be the Via Francigena, from Canterbury to Rome.  

Masha has several goals for her walk around the world :

  • to find that common thread of humanity that links us all together.

  • To present pilgrimage travel and travel with intention as a unique way to interact with the world and a new way to look at destinations.

  • to promote the destinations visited as interesting  and vibrant places where we can drink up history, while very much engaging with the present moment. 

The EAVF offers support and cooperation to this journey in order to bring a young and vibrant audience to the Via Francigena. 
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