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The Way of St. Augustine reached North Africa

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The Way of St. Augustine, the pilgrimage that brings pilgrims from Brianza through Pavia to Genoa (city where are venerate the relics of the saint), is enhanced by a final – crucial – piece: the ability to walk the final stretch of the route from Tunis to Ippona, the episcopal city of St. Augustine, in Algeria.

With this addition it is then available to the “community pilgrim” a new opportunity to journey from Europe to Africa: 600 km on foot on African soil, which added up to more than 700 Italians make this a unique and unprecedented opportunity path of faith and slow and sustainable route, straddling two continents. All this is made possible by the close operational synergy achieved in recent days in Pavia – part of the manifestation “Crossroads of Europe” sponsored by the Council of Europe – between two cultural groups: the Italian Way of St. Augustine and the French-Tunisian via Augustina.

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