Via Francigena

The Via Francigena on ‘Geo’

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The Via Francigena returns to Geo, the programme on Rai3, which explores nature, routes and slow tourism. The show is presented by Sveva Sagramola with Emanuele Biggi in charge of photography.

During the episode on Friday 1st March in the afternoon, the show will take viewers to discover the European route focusing on the Valle d’Aosta. Together with the director of the European Association of Via Francigena Ways, Luca Bruschi, two other guests will also appear: Andrea Devicenzi and Jack Jaselli, to present their Via Francigena projects to the public.

It was a lovely experience, personal and professional. The show, GEO, dedicated to walking routes is a great window which is able to reach millions of people – says EAVF director, Luca Bruschi – It’s an opportunity to narrate the European scope of the route, the association’s activity, the profile of those who chose to walk, the beauty of the Valle d’Aosta section and the suggestive Great St Bernard Pass: symbolic place of the Via Francigena at 2473m“.

 After his experience from La Verna to Rome last year, the 45 year old mental coach, Andrea Devicenzi, returns to the road for a new challenge, this time on the Via Francigena. The Paralympic cyclist and triathlon runner will begin to travel the Italian section in March. Jack Jaselli, 38 year old guitarist from Milan, will begin his journey in April. A month from Pavia to Rome, at a slow pace with his guitar across his shoulders; 34 rest-stops of a walking tour with live stops to promote his fourth album (but first entirely in Italian) named “Torno a Casa”.

 To find out more, just tune into the GEO episode on Friday 1st March! Discover the route from different perspectives: spiritual, social, cultural and enogastronomical.