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The First Official Guidebook to the Via Francigena North of the Alps

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Redazione AEVF

The European Association of the Francigena Ways is pleased to announce the launch in April 2019 of the first official guidebook to the Via Francigena north of the Alps; the guidebook will focus on the section that links Canterbury, in the UK, with the Great St. Bernard Pass, on the Swiss-Italian border.

The Terre di Mezzo guide, which deals with the section from the Great St. Bernard Pass to Rome, will be perfectly complemented by this new tool; furthermore, the new guide will show once again the more and more international dimension of the EAVF, delegated by the Council of Europe for the protection and promotion of the European Francigena way. This roadbook will be the result of the collaboration between Suisse Itinérance publisher, based in the Canton of Valais, and the EAVF; despite being recently established, Suisse Itinérance has soon established itself as a publisher of top notch excursion guidebooks, so much so that it also published a guidebook to the Grande Traversée des Alpes in 2017! Thanks to the support of the EAVF and the expertise of Suisse Itinérance, everybody will be able to follow the Via Francigena on paper and in two languages – French and English – from 2019. On the EAVF side, we can- not fail to mention Ms. Martine Gautheron, vice-president of the EAVF from France, who is sharing her knowledge in the field with Suisse Itinérance.

In addition to this, the EAVF is going to launch a communication project dedicated to the Northern Via Francigena through its Swiss representative; 10 people will be selected for a 3 week walk from Canterbury to the Great St. Bernard Pass; it will be easy to follow the group on all social networks and their adventure is going to be the subject of a film. Their arrival is scheduled on 22nd June 2019 at the Great St. Bernard Pass, on the occasion of the official launch of the new guide and of the EAVF General Assembly!

Gaëtan Tornay (EAVF Vice President in charge of the development of the Via Francigena in Switzerland).

The article is taken from the latest issue of the official AEVF magazine “Via Francigena”. The magazine, published by Studio Guidotti, can be consulted free of charge online at and can be purchased online. Lots of news, information and interviews to read at a slow pace in English, French and Italian.