Via Francigena

“Radio Francigena” is a multimedia project ispired by the Via Francigena

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

“Radio Francigena” is a multimedia project presented in three languages (English, French and Italian) inspired by the Via Francigena as a melting pot of culture, history, traditions and tourism, that will develop an indestructible heritage of a Europe that has always been united and bound to universal, Christian and libertarian values.

Back then, freedom was found in movement, in journeys, in a search for contact with other peoples. In search of encounters but also contrasting opinions. The journeys of the pilgrims, the travellers who were trying to reach the holy places of Christianity, were actually a kind of existential apprenticeship. Today more than ever the word “welcome” has returned to being incredibly important, just as it was in the days of long pilgrimages.

The radio will feed the memory of these routes and will give new life and energy, enhancing a “slow” lifestyle, in this sense, it will be more reflective but closer to nature, closer to the people. It will be a place where rhythms that seemed to have disappeared may develop and progress differently. The Via Francigena is a kind of international community that unites large and small towns through a common historical thread that is the main theme of our, of your radio.

In practical terms, the radio, which covers the route from Canterbury to Rome and then down to Jerusalem through the Via Francigena del Sud, will update in near real time what is happening along the route.

Through the radio, we’ll give you the ability to host events and experience anything related to the local economy and tourism, slow food, zero kilometre produce, art, culture, design .. communicating to all, but first to you, that this radio is a radio of service, curiosity, linked to local realities, “a radio that can offer something.”

We will try to develop interest in the lesser-known villages. As it stands the route is certainly one of the most beautiful in the world. We must exploit every inch of this road, this road that has lasted longer than a millennium.

We are confident that all the municipalities crossed by the Via Francigena, the Local Administrators and especially the European Association of The Vie Francigene have produced strong efforts to give uniformity to the idea of a journey of the spirit and body. The radio will give all the necessary information, but it shall be in its own way revolutionary. We will give, at the same time, the primal feeling of a fairy tale – because this trip is a fairy tale – but also the supremacy of local identity.

“How many roads …” sang Bob Dylan to explain the winding roads a man must go down before being considered man; we will travel all of those roads as new travelers of the third millennium.

To listen to us and to find our more about us, please visit our website:

See you soon on Radio Francigena”

Alberto Pugnetti and the Directors of Radio Francigena
in ccoperation with the European Association of Francigena Ways

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