Via Francigena

On the Via Francigena from Aosta Valley to Tuscany with Meridiani Cammini

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The May edition of the magazine Meridiani Cammini is dedicated to the stretch of the Via Francigena from the Grand Saint Bernard Pass to Lucca, one of the most picturesque routes in Italy.It is not the first time that the prestigious magazine pays special attention to the historic itinerary – in 2019 the Meridiani Cammini prepared a publication about the magnificent stretch from Lucca to Rome.

A precious and important in-depth analysis on the Via Francigena provides many possibilities of walking and cycling along the route. Such a publication is especially important in this delicate moment when support and promotion are required to restart slow tourism and hiking adventures.

As in the first edition, the journal also narrated about the EAVF projects in progress, including the route App, activities carried out by the Trail Angels and the Stop and Taste project.

Thanks to the structure of the route you can travel the entire itinerary, which you discover watching splendid images on the pages of the magazine – Aosta Valley to Tuscany. You can also choose to travel single stages, slowly discovering areas and villages along the Via Francigena.

We hope to travel these kilometres of history, culture and beauty very soon together. For a moment these images and stories written in the magazine will introduce us to a majestic route and will provide inspiration and practical details for a future journey.

The magazine is always accompanied by a map which in the case of the Via Francigena provides both walking and cycling information.

The beautiful editorial of this issue of the magazine is attached in downloadable format.