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Una pellegrina felice!

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Redazione AEVF

Buone notizie francigene. La testimonianza di una pellegrina felice che ci racconta la sua esperienza sulla Via Francigena!

Hi Everybody,
From Oct 3rd to Oct 17th I walked the VF Trail from Buonconvento to Rome. Previously I had done a few different walks to Santiago in Spain and one guided Walk on the Appia from the South to Rome.I had Paul Chin’s book with me and not much else, and manged ok ..I found the Way Marking was much better than I was anticipating especially from San Quirico onwards, which by the way was very pleasant as most of the trail from there onwards is off road.

My preferred accomodation was usually B&B’s , or small hotels etc; and I usually asked hotel manager to help phone ahead to book for our next night , they also suggested alternative options which was handy . Before Isola Farnese ( getting nearer to Rome prices went up a bit ) I would pay anything from 25 to 60 euros , for my own room including breakfast, roghly the average was about 40 euro . my favourite place was in Viterbo “Piazza Riario” only 52 Euros . (paper slippers , chocolates, plenty of toiletries, good size flat TV etc; etc;

Some days my walking companion caught a bus , the bus lines are great in Italy , so this option was generally very easy to arrange .

I did meet some other Pilgrims so thought I would just give the a Mention because it was so nice to see them along the way.

Luigi, Gerri & Daniel (Italians who shared their lunch & Vino with us)
Thomas Debandt (Belgium)
Murray & Louise (Perth WA)
Mario & Franco (Piedmont)
2 men from Verona
and Beatrice from Switzerland

At this stage being a “walking in Europe lover”, I plan to go back to Italy next year and do another part of the trail..and I would recommend the VF to anyone interested.

kind regards
from a Happy Pilgrim