Via Francigena

Berceto: UNESCO Municipality of the Via Francigena, Meeting with Distinguished Guests on 13th April

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

At 15:00 on 13th April at the old cinema Roma, the “Berceto: UNESCO municipality of the Via Francigena” meeting will take place.

The event, requested by the mayor of the municipality, Luigi Lucchi, aims to highlight the potential of the territory crossed by the Francigena, in the context of the route’s candidacy as UNESCO heritage.

The ancient route has been added to the national “Tentative List” to obtain the prestigious recognition of UNESCO world heritage, and with it Berceto Cathedral, the strada Romea, the squares and hamlets of Castellonchio, Roccaprebalza and Corchia – explains the mayor – in a time when everything seems to divide people and expand individualism, the municipality of Berceto finds itself with a shared aim which unites 19,000 people (…) This acknowledgement could, however difficult it may be, both directly and indirectly benefit every single person. The aim of this great event of the 13th April is to remind every single person of the 19,000 involved of the hidden value of our territory and it’s potential that shouldn’t be underestimated“.

Distinguished guests will help reveal this opportunity on the 13th April. Luciano Ghelfi, Rai Tg2 journalist will coordinate the interviews of: Alessandro Bosi, Franco Cardini, Philippe Daverio, Luca Mercalli, Don Carlo Pizzo, Massimo Spigaroli and Mario Tozzi. Discussions have been planned on the themes of “Via Francigena: a European Route” moderated by Giovanni Capece; “the UNESCO opportunity, the legal aspects and great investments for the restructuring of villages” moderated by Rai journalist, Luca Ponzi and conclusions by Irene Pivetti.

Also present at the event will be the European Association of Via Francigena Ways (EAVF), with the president, Massimo Tedeschi, Sami Tawfik and Luca Faravelli, together with the mayor of Fidenza, Andrea Massari.

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