Via Francigena

Analytical Map of the European route of the Via Francigena

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Minimal graphics for a grandiose project: a map of the European route that binds, unites and enhances local authorities in four countries. Designed for the EAVF members, this analytical map demonstrates an international scope of the route at a glance.

The European Association of the Via Francigena ways EAVF defines the Via Francigena as a “pearl necklace“: the route is the thread and municipalities, cities and regions are the pearls, each one shining with its own cultural, historical and gastronomic heritage. As with the best works of art, the Via Francigena needs to be admired from afar, taking a step back to enjoy its integrity.

The EAVF conducted a project to create this analytical map which visually enhances transactional scope of the journey. The project was coordinated by the EAVF project manager and graphic designer Luca Faravelli with fundamental support of Leslie Maussang and Gaëtan Tornay from the EAVF French and Swiss offices.

All 635 municipalities, 48 ​​departments, 16 regions and four member states together with the Vatican City are depicted on the map running 146 stages from Canterbury to Santa Maria di Leuca. It also reports mileage of the entire route, macro-sections in north and south of Rome, each regional route and individual stages.

The map is complemented by two Roman routes – Via Germanica and Via Romea Strata, the Saint James’ ways and two routes leading to Jerusalem –coastal and terrestrial, giving an overview of European pilgrimage landscape.  

The analytical map will be distributed among the EAVF members and bodies.