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Agenzia del Demanio: the first national announcement of the Cammini e Percorsi project now online

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The first announcement of the Valore Paese-Cammini e Percorsi project begins allocating 43 real estates to cooperative companies and associations established for the most part less than 40 years free of change for 9 years, as laid down by D.L. Turismo e Cultura (D.L. 31.5.2014, n. 83). 


The ‘Cammini e Percorsi’ project, supported by MiBACT and MIT, has in fact, the objective of promoting slow tourism through the restoration of public real estate along the cycle, pedestrian and historical-religious routes to transform into vessels of activities and services for travellers. This is the first time the agency uses the ‘free of charge’ tool to support young entrepreneurs and the third sector for the purpose of encouraging innovative, social, cultural and sporting initiatives.  

From today until the next 11th December, on the site of the ‘Agenzia del Demanio’ it is possible to download the unique national announcement, the “Guida al bando”, or in other words, the ‘announcement guide’ and all the documents regarding the 30 real estates owned by the competing state. We’re looking at roadside housestowersex railway houses and various buildings dispersed all over the national territory. Simultaneously, and during the next few days, the other local entities involved will also publish the news of their 13 properties included in the initiative on their respective institutional sites.

More information on the sites involved can be found in the attached statement.

Source: Agenzia del Demanio