Via Francigena

Luca and Elena on the way: Romainmotier -Cossonay. Taking the rhythm, day 2

The stage


The departure from the Cluniac Abbey of Romainmotier is expected early in the morning, after a nice breakfast!

Romainmotier is a place, much loved by the Swiss and an unmissable stop for those who walk on the Via Francigena.
Come visit it in the evening, when the night envelops the small historic village of 700 inhabitants: the archaeological area where the Abbey is located becomes magical. It’s a meeting with time, history and eternal beauty of the historic monument whose reddened stones immerse a visitor in the 11th century, when the Cluniac friars built the third church of the Cluny model.

At the start, Julien Vuilleumier from the Swiss Federal Office, culture department, joined us. Who says that “those of the Ministry” do not walk? Julien, among other things, loves trekking and practices it regularly, also on the Via Francigena.

At the departure the Mayor of Romainmotier Nils Monbaron and the Prefect (ex Mayor and great supporter of the Via Francigena!) Fabrice de Icco also joined us to wish a good route.

Unfortunately, Elena has her knee injured and is resting today, or rather she will be working to prepare upcoming stages and meetings for the next few days.
The Romainmotier-Cossonay stage is quite simple, ideal for those who have only been on the road for a day and still need to warm their muscles well. 18 km walk along small woods and nature that surrounds the walker. The only drawback are the cows. Where are all of them? I have seen only 4 in two days. The legend of the Swiss meadows with beautiful, happy and smiling cows everywhere begins to fade. Perhaps they are all well hidden! I’d love to meet and talk to cows, those who make exceptional milk, chocolate and cheese!

Let’s go back to the path. The signs are excellent, there is no need to look at the app. Yellow panels are always in right places (why not nominating the Swiss yellow signs for UNESCO Heritage!).

There are also sometimes yellow rhombuses placed on tree trunks to indicate that we are on the right path. Thank you VaudRando, you have done a great job on signage. Here, the signage has rigorous and precise protocols, coordinated by local, regional and national managers.

The stage runs quickly and so we arrive at the village of Sarraz, just over halfway. It is worth taking a coffee break over here. We grab it next to the Sarraz castle built almost 1000 years ago on a rocky outcrop. Too bad it is closed for restoration until spring 2021. I have to go back to Sarraz to visit it.

Then begins the last part of the route that runs for a few kilometers along the Venoge river. Fortunately, clouds cover the sun, otherwise the midday heat would have been challenging to manage.

Go up a little, now the goal is near. You arrive in Cossonay, another beautiful location that becomes even more beautiful if it is reached on foot. It is 13:30, the ideal time to relax your legs under the table and recover lost calories.