Via Francigena

Luca and Elena on the way: the Swiss Via Francigena // Day 1

The stage


Let’s start with the first stage!

Today’s stage, from Orbe to Romainmotier, is quite simple from a technical point of view and does not foresee any particular difficulties. The town of Orbe is a beautiful medieval village of 7,000 inhabitants. If you have time, visit the townhall and grab a coffee in the historic center. Do not miss a short visit to the castle, easily reachable on foot.

Follow dirt roads and pass through small woods to arrive to a pretty village of Bretonieres, where you can refill your water bottle from a street fountain.

An arrival on foot to Romainmotier, one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland, is a great reward for this first day of walking. Romainmotier is a village where three cultural routes certified by the Council of Europe cross: the Via Francigena, the Via Cluny, the itinerary of Huguenots and Waldensians.

Finally, this town is home to the splendid Cluniac abbey built between 990 and 1030, one of the major attractions of Switzerland.

The signage along the step is  generally good. However, a downloadable map from the official app will certainly be useful at a couple of crossroads so you won’t get lost.