Via Francigena

Luca and Elena on the way: from Cossonay to Lausanne // day 3.

The stage


A stage of medium difficulty, even if it is all slightly downhill. Today alone.

The departure from the picturesque village of Cossonay is quite easy, the first kilometers run on roads with little traffic and paths. We almost immediately cross the Venoge river – the leitmotive of the stage, taking us to the lake. We soon leave the small town of Penthalaz behind us.

After 5 km near Vufflens la ville I spotted a flock of 30 cows slightly off the Francigena trail. I came closer to touch them. We promised to keep in touch and maybe meet again in Fidenza, at the headquarters of the European Association of the Via Francigena ways.

After about ten kilometers you reach the city of Bussigny where you see the Via Francigena info panel at the entrance to the town. Gradually the popularity of the Via Francigena is also growing in Switzerland! The exit from the city is alongside a busy road, although still on safe and sheltered paths. Security first!

The Geneva Lake (also known as Lac Léman) approaches. Its banks are skirted for a few kilometers, passing through the Roman church of Saint-Sulpice and the ancient Roman port of Vidy. Arriving on foot to the lake after 20km of walk is an extraordinary prize. Now time to take a swim! Wow!

Continuing along the Geneva lake you cross villas, bars, chic cafes and restaurants, beaches and umbrellas.
Take a nice aperitif over here!  After all, it seems to be deserved: the pilgrim must enjoy!

Lausanne is now a stone’s throw away, you can get there almost without realizing it, always skirting the lake and then following the yellow “tourisme pedestre” panels.
Until 1536 with the adoption of the Reformation, Lausanne with its Cathedral dedicated to the Virgin was a highly revered pilgrimage site. Lausanne is also a crossroads of routes, as the Saint James way also passes here.

I finish the stage after 27 km (with 1 km of voluntary detour) in Port d’Ouchy, nearby the Olympic Museum that I will visit tomorrow. There are only last 2.8km to go to the accommodation that I have reserved. But at this point, I go there by bus. You always have to find compromises in life.

The signage for this section is good. I only had a few doubts at a crossroad but with the app everything went smoothly. In fact, I later realized that I hadn’t seen the sign lightly covered in leaves. Let’s enjoy Lausanne now!