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Day 38 – St. Maurice to Martigny: following the Rhône Valley

The stage


👣 16,8km on foot – Tuesday 27 July

We were welcomed for departure from the Abbey this morning by one of the biggest groups of walkers so far: around 30 people were wearing their hiking boots and were ready to head off! With them were Gaetan Tornäy, EAVF’s vice-president in Switzerland, and Anne, another awesome guide from the tourism office of Saint Maurice. Ready to walk!
Today’s stage continued following the narrow valley of the Rhône River in an enchanting green forest, mostly flat, making it a relatively short and easy stage. Halfway through our journey we stopped at a very big waterfall, called Pissevache, which means – literally – ‘pee of a cow’ (it was A LOT of water). Here we met a few journalists from Channel 9 of the Canton Valais who interviewed us – Gaetan, president Massimo Tedeschi and myself.
We then continued straightforward to Martigny, arriving quite ahead of schedule – something that barely ever happened before. We were welcomed in Martigny by the local tourism office, which accompanied us to our Hotel de Ville and offered us a glass of white wine (we’re still crossing wine and vineyards regions, after all).
Arriving so early, the group was able to visit Martigny properly, with a visit of the castle and of the amphitheater of the city.
Tomorrow we will start our climb up towards the Great Saint Bernard pass: we expect a long climb uphill and quite a change of climate…let’s do this!

The Pissevache waterfall
Arriving at our end destination ahead of schedule
Warm welcome in Martigny
Walking with a big group of 30 people

Myra Stals, Social Media Manager (EAVF)
Jacques Chevin, staff member (EAVF)
Elena Dubinina, International Relations (EAVF)
Laura Zampetti, RTR Ambassador
Gaetan Tornäy, Vice-President (EAVF)
Anne Brasey, St. Maurice Tourism Office
Andrea Ciotti, videomaker
A big group of local walkers from the Quasimodo Association