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Via Francigena participates in the BIT – International Tourism Exchange fair in Milan

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Once again, the European Association of the Via Francigena ways (EAVF) participates in the 40th edition of the BIT – the International Tourism Exchange fair, which took place on 9 – 11 February 2020 in Milan.

On 10 February, the conference “Cultural routes in Lombardy” dedicated to cultural tourism was held at the Lombardy Region stand.

The EAVF President Massimo Tedeschi, the Project Manager Sami Tawfik together with the representatives of the provinces of Lodi and Pavia spoke on behalf of EAVF in the presence of Regional Councilor for Autonomy and Culture Stefano Bruno Galli. The conference presented three initiatives focused to discover the beauty of Lombardy’s heritage and landscapes.

The European Association of Via Francigena ways presented a project carried out in 2019 in cooperation with the Lombardy Region and the provinces of Lodi and Pavia, crossed by the Via Francigena. The outputs generated by the implemented actions within the project were therefore analyzed.

Ongoing projects were also presented such as the Via Francisca del Lucomagno – an itinerary from the Lake Constance to Pavia crossing natural parks, artistic and historical heritage and UNESCO sites.

The conference also gave an opportunity to present a project the L.I.N.C. Lombardy on the way between real and digital. Through a series of integrated activities it is projected to provide necessary information on the Lombard routes and qualification tools to associations, stakeholders and public bodies to offer differentiated target tourist packages centered on the experience of the journey.