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Traveling with Efrén from Canterbury to Rome!

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Redazione AEVF

Nowadays we feel the need to find alternative ways to “live” the path and make few stages of the route. In addition to reading novels of great walkers and planning new trips, we propose to nourish eyes and spirit by watching videos of Efrén Gonzaléz – an American pilgrim, a video maker and a travel blogger friend of the European Association of the Via Francigena.

On 18 July – 10 October 2018 Efrén completed the entire Via Francigena itinerary, documenting his journey on foot during all 89 stages from Canterbury to Rome with emotional videos done by drone!

His slow journey becomes our experience, through discovery of all territories crossed, people met, enthusiasm and unforeseen events on the way, indirectly living infinite moods of those who walk.

We strive to make sharing real experiences of wayfarers along the itinerary to become a spark of interest for someone to take the first of many steps along the Via Francigena and the routes of the world.

Efrén narrated about each of his 89 stages: we propose you to live these magical moments every Monday, Tuesday and Friday on our Facebook page @ViaFrancigenaCulturalRoute !

Meanwhile, as the first step we leave you the trailer of his fascinating journey that we will retrace together during upcoming weeks!

More information about Efrén can be found on his website: