Via Francigena

The Ostello del Teatro in Piacenza opens its doors to pilgrims

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

With the arrival of summer, the Ostello del Teatro in Piacenza, in via Trento 29, is ready to welcome those who walk along the Francigena.

The guest house with 10 spaces born for hosting artists, has decided to offer these spaces to pilgrims who choose to rest in Piacenza from April to September. Inaugurated last 7th October, the hostel is a new and multifunctional reality created to enhance and complete the spaces and offering of Teatro Trieste 34. It’s a contemporary and versatile space created for the needs of create, animate and live for theatre. Filippo Arcelloni, of Piacenza Kultur Dom and artistic director of Teatro Trieste 34, created and realised this project.

The structure is composed of two macro areas with different uses: one side has three multifunctional rooms, ideal for organising and hosting courses, labs and exhibitions. To this we add the idea of a hostel, where they can host artists in residence and dedicate the theatre space to their artistic design through a dedicated competition.

Not only this – adds Arcelloni – we also want to be a place of touristic hospitality, of a particular kind of tourism, a tourism of steps, of religious pilgrimage. In the spring and summer months the hostel will be available to pilgrims, especially of the Via Francigena, with their religious Pilgrim Passports“.

A real hostel then, that is composed of a guest house with 10 spaces, a kitchen open to guests for free, a washing machine, toilet facilities for men/women and the less able and free wi-fi in all areas. All areas are on the ground floor with wheelchair access. There is an internal courtyard, closed but uncovered, where pilgrims can keep their bikes. As well as a place to sleep, artists can book space at the Teatro Trieste 34 to set up and prepare the last details of their shows.

All hostel rooms are alcohol and smoke free, so drinking alcohol and smoking are banned inside the building, “an important guide for the correct lifestyle, also in regard to many underage people who come to the hostel“, underlines Arcelloni.

The hostel is open all year round: from October to March the spaces are mainly available for theatre companies, while from April to September, the guest house doors will be open to the pilgrims of the Via Francigena who choose to rest in Piacenza. In the multifunctional areas the Dance School Petit Pas di Ottavia Marenghi uses the house as a stable home, who will continue their current activities and courses at Teatro Trieste 34.

Info: Ostello del Teatro – Via Trento 29 – 29121 Piacenza –

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