Via Francigena

The Francigena and Art, painting and plastic art competition

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

 There’s still time until 31st July to participate in the competition announced by Fondazione Centro Arti Visive di Pietrasanta: “Hiking: the struggle, joy, and sharing of this internal experience”.

At the centre of the project is two competitions for artists who will create a piece of work on the theme. These creative competitions will be a part of activities planned with the Francigena. For the past two years, on the last Sunday in September, the “Francigena Tuscany Marathon” takes place in Pietrasanta, organised by Friends of the Via Francigena Pietrasanta.


 The competition involves creating an artistic banner. It’s tradition that the FTM participants be welcomed at the beginning of the event with a banner hanging from the bell tower of the Cathedral of Pietrasanta. The winner will be selected based on the sketch to be printed on the 2019 banner.

The banner will be 2×20 metres long and will be positioned on the Cathedral bell tower over the two weeks before and after the FTM2019. 

II° PLASTIC ART COMPETITION (marble or bronze casting sculptures)

 The second competition, aims to create a collection of plastic models which, once realised, will be able to decorate the twists and turns of the Francigena, passing municipalities of the Via Francigena, with the aim to create the “Francigena dell’Arte” over time.

The themes on which artists can base their models are as follows:

1) Pilgrim bench (a piece of urban furniture, in keeping with local urban and country qualities)

2) Pietrasanta mood, theme open for the planning of iconic or functional objects 

3) Pilgrim fountain (creation of a fountain or development of an existing fountain along the Via Francigena, consisting of urban furniture and in keeping with local urban qualities).

The winner will be transposed to the Pietrasanta labs and will be located in an area dedicated to the celebration/remembrance of the Via Francigena in Pietrasanta. 

The candidates will be able to participate in one of the following competitions by presenting a sketch/model of the art piece they’ve imagined for “Francigena dell’Arte”. A panel of experts will examine the proposals and decide on a winner. All the works (both the paintings and plastic art) presented at the competition will be displayed in the city during the event.

Fondazione CAV aims to dignify the Via Francigena through the FRANCIGENA DELL’ARTE, with sculptures, significant moments and memories which would enhance it even more. 

The plastic sculptures will be available to all municipalities who request its installation along the Via Francigena.


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