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The European Via Francigena meets in Monteriggioni

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The parts of Europe crossed by the Via Francigena are meeting in Monteriggioni for the sixth edition of the Forum “Comuni in Cammino“.

The event is scheduled for Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd February in the monumental complex of Abbadia Isola and will be dedicated to the theme “Francigena – Routes – Europe” with the attendance of guests from Italy, Switzerland, France and England. The Forum, organised by the municipality of Monteriggioni, in collaboration with the European Association of Via Francigena Ways (EAVF) and with the support of the region of Tuscany, will also be an opportunity to greet the official registration of Sigeric’s Way in the ‘National Proposed List’ (Tentative List) of UNESCO heritage.

The guests. The day of Friday 1st February will be reserved for the EAVF Executive Board meeting, while on Saturday 2nd February the meeting will be open to all, beginning at 9.30am. Institutional greetings will kick off the Forum; with Raffaella Senesi, mayor of Monteriggioni; Stefano Ciuoffo, Councillor of Tourism for Tuscany; Monica Barni, vice-president of the region of Tuscany and Massimo Tedeschi, president of the EAVF. The European dimension of the Francigena and of the paths will be witnessed by the presence of MEP Silvia Costa and by the attendance of a representative of the Council of Europe.

The main events. During the meeting the AEVF project and collaboration with Trenitalia will be presented, with Cristina Bruno of the Tuscany Regional Direction – Trenitalia Spa, before leaving room for the different experiences of protection and enhancement of the Via Francigena, promoted by the municipalities along the pilgrimage route in the four European countries. The programme also includes cultural moments, including the presentation of the finalists of the second edition of the literary award dedicated to the Via Francigena “Intanto parto“, created by Betti Editore, and the awarding of the Sigeric Award, which the municipality of Monteriggioni will give to people who have distinguished themselves in the enhancement and promotion of the Via Francigena. The Forum will give space, once again, to the European Festival of Vie Francigene, with a speech from the director Sandro Polci and the award for the most creative initiatives of the last edition. The Forum will be followed by Radio Francigena.

Monteriggioni – says mayor, Raffaella Senesi once again welcomes the International Forum dedicated to the Via Francigena with great pleasure. This event is strengthened as a moment of comparison and analysis of the current state of the Via Francigena and future objectives for the growth and enhancement of the ancient path of Sigeric, still full of many potential developments through uniting the forces involved. The programme will be full of guests, experiences and cultural events and give us a boost, especially as the Via Francigena has very recently joined the Tentative List of UNESCO heritage in Italy. This is an important step forward and a precious and fundamental step for every action to promote the Via Francigena“.

“The annual ‘Comuni in cammino’ Forum, which takes place in Monteriggioni – adds Massimo Tedeschi, president of the European Association of Via Francigena Ways – is always a precious moment to share new projects, exchange good practices, bring together ideas and renewed energy in favour of the Via Francigena, an ever-developing route in its international dimension with the four countries involved: England, France, Switzerland and Italy. The beating heart of the Via Francigena is precisely the thousand municipalities crossed by the route that goes from Canterbury to Rome and down to Puglia. Today, the Francigena proves to be a formidable lever for the socio-cultural development of territories, it creates jobs and fosters a sustainable economy on a local scale“.

AEVF joint press release / Municipality of Monteriggioni