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Publication “Via Francigena For All?”

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An important publication “Via Francigena For All? focused on the route’s accessibility has been recently published on Almatourism, by Pietro Scidurlo and Giulia d’Angeli in collaboration with the association Free Wheels Onlus. The publication falls within the activities of the Scientific Committee of the European Association of the Via Francigena ways, dedicated to research along the routes. Every year the Scientific Committee launches a call for papers focused on a theme around the Via Francigena and pilgrimages.

The 2019 call highlighted the topic of accessibility, a very important element of reflection for the future of the Via Francigena and a tool to promote routes’ universal usability.

One of the protagonists of the awareness campaigns in Italy and Europe, Pietro Scidurlo is making an important contribution, inviting us to reflect on the importance of overcoming physical and mental barriers that we face every day so that everyone can experience the Via Francigena and cultural routes in its fullness

“It has always been difficult for me to talk about a route like the Camino de Santiago for someone like me, a person who because of someone else’s mistake saw his life totally turned upside down, finding himself in a wheelchair, – Pietro says – A person who despite everything has lived great experience of the journey along the Santiago Route. When we talk about a path like the Via Francigena, still travelled by fewer people and even less by people with special needs, it becomes even more complicated than the Spanish itinerary.”

There is still a work to do before reaching the Via Francigena for everyone and barriers to overcome. That is why a new approach is needed towards this objective, which is more relevant than ever today. It is important to be able to raise awareness of the institutions on this issue and have their support on this important matter.

The Almatourism publication is downloadable and available for free on the website and on the “Studies and Research” section of the EAVF.