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Redazione AEVF


The European Association of the Via Francigena and the network of Turkey’s cultural routes gathered within “Turkey’s Culture Routes Society” are getting to the heart of the project “From Europe to Turkey on Foot”, co-funded by the European Program “Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey IV–Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments”.

Last week the first meeting between a representative of the Antalya-based Turkish Association with the President and the staff of the European Association of the Via Francigena (EAVF) have taken place in Italy, in the framework of the study visit organized by EAVF.

Hüseyin Eryurt, manager of the Association was in Fidenza and Piacenza from 15 to 19 March to learn more about EAVF activities and its governance model. His study visit program is currently continuing along the Via Francigena route in Lazio Region – Tuscia, from Viterbo to Rome,  from 20 to 24 March, in cooperation with the local Association Mediterraid. In these days he will have the opportunity to experience directly the Via Francigena, meet local people, learn omre about how the route is infrastructured and presented as a cultural-tourist product, meet local operators. After Rome his visits program will continue in Lombardy, in Tuscany and in Canton Valais, Switzerland.

The project “From Europe to Turkey on Foot” aims at increasing Euro-Mediterranean dialogue, in line with the Council of Europe addresses, while developing joint strategies for the development of the Via Francigena South of Rome until Turkey, crossing the Via Francigena in the South of Italy and the Via Egnatia.

Beside Culture Routes Society e the European Association of the Via Francigena three Turkish municipalities are associated to the project: Demre(the ancient Myra, 16 thousand inhabitants, Antalya district), Inegöl (177 thousands inhabitants Bursa district) and Eğirdir (20 thousands inhabitants, Isparta district).