Via Francigena

New distribution of the credential of the Via Francigena

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

In order to provide a better service to the growing number of pilgrims, walkers and travellers who request it, a new method for the distribution of the official credential of the Via Francigena is active.

The Cost and where to find it:

The credential will cost 3 Euro plus additional shipping costs. It will be possible to buy it directly online through the specific section of the website: or by going to one of the distribution points along the way.

For creating an updated database of the francigena community we will ask some simple information about the travelling experience along the route: starting point, ending point, means of transportation … etc. Together with the credential will be sent a list of low-cost accommodations and facilities as reported on the website Visit Via Francigena. At the end of the trip AEVF will send a questionnaire to assess the degree of satisfaction and collect any suggestions for improving the path and the reception;

Supporting the AEVF and its partners:
AEVF is a voluntary association composed by public institutions and private bodies, which aim is to create and enhance a network of all relevant actors interested in theVia Francigena (municipalities, provinces, regions, ministries, the European Commission).

The cost of the credential will support this important activity and will be divided as follow: two euro to AEVF and one euro (or more, in the case of a greater contribution) to the association that will distribute the credentials, to support its own activities.

This revenue, deriving from the sale of the credential, will also serve to:

• implement signposting and provide road signs to the interested municipalities and local associations;

• provide local associations with adhesives or other signs for taking charge of the maintenance of signage;

• update the list of facilities for pilgrims;

• update the maps of the path making them available in the stage points.

Enjoy your trip!