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I Love Francigena

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Three weekend walks in June – free and open to all – on the Lombard tract of the Via Francigena. The aim is to work together towards the cleaning and maintenance of the great Italian itinerary.

The European Association of the Via Francigena, with the support of ItinerAria, has organised the ‘I love Francigena’ event on the 10th and 11th June and the 24th and 25th June. It is a travel event, an itinerary celebration, to make walking enthusiasts aware and involved in the cleaning of the route and the maintenance of its signage.
A third weekend is also planned for the end of the summer from Garlasco to Santa Cristina.
The event will include 4 days of walking, discovering the wonder of an ancient itinerary which is by now regarded at the same level as the route of Santiago de Compostela; 4 days to become a part of the walk and to learn the maintenance techniques of the route and its signage.
Participation is free and open to everyone. The first 20 people to sign up will receive a free ‘I love Francigena’ t-shirt.


First weekend: 10th-11th June, from Santa Cristina to Piacenza

Saturday 10th June
From Santa Cristina to Orio Litta (16 km)

9:45 – meet at the Santa Cristina and Bissone railway station. Start of the walk. It begins by skirting the low reliefs of the St. Colombano, dotted with vineyards, until reaching Miradolo Terme where it continues to the ancient Chignolo Po castle. A packed lunch by the castle and then back to walking, crossing the Lambro and arriving in the Lodigiano area where the route follows the river bank and the smaller banks of the paddy fields, until reaching Orio Litta.
Then dinner and overnight shelter at the medieval ‘L’antica Grangia Benedettina’.

Sunday 11th June
From Orio Litta to Piacenza (26 km)

9:15 – meet at the Orio Litta railway station. Start of the walk. The route begins by leaving Orio Litta and briefly joining with the Ford of Sigeric, or the “Transitum Padi”. From here the route follows the banks of the Po until reaching Piacenza. After arriving at the beautiful Emilian city and a refreshing break, the walkers will return home in the late afternoon.

Second weekend: 24th-25th June, from Palestro to Garlasco

Saturday 24th June
From Palestro to Mortara (24 km)

9:15 – meet at the Palestro railway station. Start of the walk. From the ancient Lombard town, where a famous nineteenth-century battle took place, the route proceeds through paddy and corn fields towards Mortara, an important city of the Lomellina.
Dinner and overnight shelter at the ‘Sant’Albino’ abbey, founded by Gaudenzio, a bishop of Novara, and potentially rebuilt by Charlemagne to give the Francs fallen at the battle of Pulchra Silva a worthy burial.

Sunday 25th June
From Mortara to Garlasco (22 km)

9:30 – meet at the Mortara railway station. Start of the walk. The route begins by proceeding through cultivated fields leading to Remondò e Tromello, another stop-over of Sigerics itinerary.
The route follows easy rural roads that become asphalt roads through towns. Arrival at the Garlasco railway station in the afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th October
From Groppello Cairoli to Belgioioso

All the information will arrive very soon!


Other information
Route cleaning equipment and kit
A pair of gardening or work gloves are necessary. The organisation will supply the required equipment for the cleaning and maintenance of the path. Technical clothing for a walk along the route is advised (hiking shoes/boots, a rucksack, a canteen of water, sunglasses, a sun hat, sun cream)

– Overnight stay 10th June
At the communal hostel in the Benedictine grange (donation)

– Overnight stay 24th June
At the Sant’Albino abbey (donation)

Information and registration
The event is free and open to all.
It is possible to participate for one day without staying overnight.

For more information and registration: and