Via Francigena

Henning Bechmann on the Via Francigena: from the Great St Bernard Pass to Rome in 20 days

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Henning Bechmann, Danish sports expert and marathon, started his last personal business in June: getting to Rome on the Italian Via Francigena in twenty days, running and with a reduced baggage.

Many difficulties encountered, not just physical, and above all psychological, as he explains in the article below. Strenuous force of will and few but rigid rules to follow, to reach the destination without being discouraged: mix between running and adventure with freedom as the keyword, you carry all your own package and no help from depots or a car following you, minimum of planning, including no prebooked accommodations, around 60 km per day, minimalistic packing, preferably within 4,0 kg.

Henning explains in his article all the details of his journey and, despite some unexpected events, how he managed to get to his destination. So writing, at the end of his adventure: “After unbeatable 1.123 kilometers with psychological ups and downs, after life on tour for 20 days, after running in mountains with snow and cold weather and after endless days of running in typically 32 degrees, I ended up in Rome anyway”.

Find the attached article with all the explanations, legs and some anecdotes.