Via Francigena

From Liddes to Bourg-Saint-Pierre. On the Via Francigena at the foot of the Great St. Bernard

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The ‘Samedi de Quasimodo’ or in other words, the Saturday of Quasimodo, has by now become celebrated in the Canton of Valais and likewise in the Aosta Valley, despite being beyond the Alps. It is a day dedicated to the Via Francigena which takes place on the 22nd April.
Every year this day of ‘Samedi’, or rather the first Saturday after Easter, is dedicated to reviewing the Via Francigena, a check that is conducted along a brief segment of the walk, a part that by foot is an arduous and geographically demanding passage. Sigeric’s Via Francigena is still seen as a common thread between European communities and countries: the Italian Aosta Valley and Swiss Canton of Valais, united by the historical itinerary, collaborate to conserve the route as best as possible.

On the 22 nd April the group ‘Amicale des Compagnons de la Via Francigena Valais – Vallée d’Aoste’ organised the event, guided by the President, Bernard Delasoie. The European Association of the Vie Francigene participated in the initiative, as it does every year and at the end of the trek at Bourg-Saint- Pierre, the President of the association, Massimo Tedeschi, greeted and thanked the participants for their spirit towards this initiative.


The traced route took place entirely in the Canton of Valais, its course extending to the slopes of the Alps. Along the route one may enjoy striking panoramas: snow-clad peaks, framed by steep slopes and chalets that follow one after the other throughout the trek. Nature dominates the surroundings and renders the route pleasant and less demanding to complete, in fact one may even spot some deer that calmly watch the pilgrims, who proceed along the Valley.

Once again the event was extremely successful and revealed itself to be a valuable occasion to unite the communities through which the route passes. As well as the many Friends who, throughout the years have only increased in number, the company was joined by: Willy Fellay, the former President of the association and now honorary member; Daniel Maret, the Sub-Prefect of the Entremont district; Stève Lattion, the President of Liddes; Gilbert Tornare, the President of Bourg-Saint- Pierre; Joseph Voutaz, parish priest of Orsières and the valdostana; Palmira Orsieres, Friend of the Via Francigena, as well as the AEVF members of staff, Christian Schüelé and Luca Faravelli.

The next meeting is scheduled for the 2 nd September at the Great St. Bernard Pass in order to celebrate the 20 th Anniversary of the Association of the ‘Amicale des Compagnons de la Via Francigena’. It will therefore be fitting to once again unite the Italian and Swiss authorities who are working hard to improve and conserve this Cultural Itinerary of the Council of Europe.

Luca Faravelli

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