Via Francigena

Born The Belgium Via Francigena Association

Picture of Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

The Belgium Via Francigena Association is born in collaboration with AEVF. The network aims to promote and facilitate the journeys to Rome starting from Belgium.

The members are a little group of volunteers offering useful information on the Via Francigena in Belgium. They’re six pilgrims, really passionate about walking: Vincent Imperiali (President) Geert Smellenbergh (treasurer) Myriam Fobe (Secretary), Jacques Riva, Albert Gode and Olivier Everard.
The first working session is planned for April 28 in Bruxelles, starting from the 3 pm at the following address:

Cercle des Voyageurs 
Rue des Grands Carmes 18
1000 Bruxelles