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Boez: a journey on foot, six inmates along the Francigena of the South. The docu-series airing in Italy

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From 2 to 13 September at 8.20 pm on Rai3 , “Boez – Let’s go away ” is broadcasting the docu-series of ten episodes which tells the story of the journey on foot of six boys convicted of breaking the law and under internal and external detention.

It is a long and demanding journey, but they are ready to go. And their starting point is a prison. Because Alessandro, Francesco, Omar, Matteo, Maria and Kekko have been chosen to participate in a special program of external expiation of the penalty. A long journey awaits them along the Via Francigena del Sud, from Rome to Santa Maria di Leuca, in Puglia. Fifty stops for over 900 km, a tough test both physical and emotional. 

The Docu-Serie, a Rai Fiction-Stemal Entertainment co-production, tells the physical but also emotional and “atonement” path of these six boys. A journey / pilgrimage that experiences the journey as a recovery device, an alternative punishment already practiced in other European countries and which reduces the percentage of recidivism. 

This is the first television product that deals with this type of issue, as well as a revolutionary experiment with a strong social impact, so much so that the Ministry of Justice has recognized its public function and has actively supported its realization, believing that it can actively contribute to the transformation of society. A theme that only Rai as a public broadcasting service concessionaire can address and tell. 

Also from the point of view of production and filming it is an experiment, with troupes that have been organized to be less invasive. Then, to make the story more authentic, the use of the shots taken by the guys with the mobile phone was introduced as a narrative element: a self-representation without filters that integrates that of the “official” cameras.

The link to review the episodes on RaiPlay:

BOEZ – Let’s go away signed by Roberta Cortella – Paola Pannicelli, directed by Roberta Cortella – Marco Leopardi. 
With Omar Ben Aoun, Maria Cristea, Francesco Dinoi, Alessandro Paglialonga, Matteo Santoro, Francesco Tafuno. Community Educator, Ilaria D’Appollonio and Marco Saverio Loperfido.

Marco Xavier Loperfido is  g uid AIGAE,  writer, creator and curator of the collective project of mapping and storage of walking and site , mapper of long distance walk “The tour of Tuscia in 80 Days,” “Umbria: passages to the south-west »and  « Country Europe »  (these experiences become books and guides for  Annulli Editori , the last one with the title  The lizards start again in Friborg ).

Source: RAI press release