Via Francigena

#ARIANUOVA: the more we walk, the more trees we plant

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

“Psicoatleti ASD”, sports and walking association founded by a writer Enrico Brizzi, launches a new project called #Arianuova, which intersects with the Via Francigena.

Psicoatleti” will purchase and plant 500 new trees along the Via Francigena to carry out reforestation in one of the most polluted and populated areas in Italy – the Po Valley.

Future pilgrims of that stretch will find many trees that will give refreshment and filter air, absorbing smog and returning up to 500 tons of oxygen per year.

The project, which will be fully funded through a crowdfunding campaign on the Ginger platform, is supported by the European Association of the Via Francigena ways EAVF, and is implemented in collaboration with the Piantumazione Selvaggiaassociation and Montura technical partnership.

For more information about this beautiful project visit the Psicoatleti ASD website.

The project has three phases:

1) April-August 2020: definition of objectives, communication campaign and partnership search;

2) 5-14 September 2020: Gran Fondo Milano-Mare, traveling on foot from Pavia to Portofino along the ancient Lombard salt route; September 21: launch of fundraising campaign;

3) March 2021: planting of the trees.