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Architects on the road, competition for a “circular hostel”

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Architecture meets the world of walking. From the 28th February, the announcement for the “Premio Raffaele Sirica – La via degli Architetti” will be online, which foresees ideas and plans for the theme of historical, cultural and spiritual walks. 

The 2018 edition is connected to the wider “Architects on the road” project, created by the National Council of Architects together with the European Association of the Vie Francigene, at the Via Francigena European Festival – Collective Project, with the participation of FederlegnoArredo and the support of Federturismo Confindustria, Symbola – Fondazione per le Qualità italiane and Made Expo.

The initiative, dedicated to home security, sustainable urban regeneration and to the selection of original and innovative projects of young professionals, will award the best proposal of the competition for a finalised idea for a “circular hostel“. The participants will be able to propose accommodation modules in wood for pilgrim and tourist accommodation structures in places crossed by historical, cultural and spiritual routes. 

“Finally environmental needs will meet historical-touristic valorisation and potential new professional techniques. This is the result of a route shared for a year which will swiftly expand to new areas linked to walking routes,” says Sandro Polci, the director of the Via Francigena European Festival – Collective Project. 

The proposals will be evaluated by a commission, which will judge the different aspects of each: its rational use, its eco-sustainable flexibility, its compliance to the principals of Universal Design, its affordability, the ease of its implementation and handling of modules and interior design – innovative solutions for communal spaces. 

Deadlines. From the 5th – 20th March requests for information will be possible ( From the 20th May until 12pm of the 30th May, it will also be possible to apply and send the report and administrative documents. After the requisite check, the definitive classification will be released by the 30th June with the declaration of the winner, as well as the minutes of the judicial commission. The publication of all the participants’ proposals will follow this in July as well as the exhibition of said proposals. The detailed programme will be promoted and published in due course. 

In order to participate and access more details of the competition, follow the link

The Sirica award was established by the Consiglio Nazionale degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori in 2010, in memory of Raffaele Sirica, the driving force of Italian architects from 1998-2009.

Download the attached announcement.