Via Francigena

Antonio Tajani, new President of the European Parliament: great supporter of the Via Francigena

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

Antonio Tajani, new President of the European Parliament elected last 17 January in Brussels, is a supporter of the Via Francigena and the European Cultural Routes.

Tajani is an important Ambassador for the development of the Via Francigena since he was Vice-President of the European Commission (2009-2014). In September 2010, an international event focused on the Council of Europe Cultiral Routes was organised in Brusssels at the Berlaymont to celebrate the European Tourism Day.

As the President Tajani said:
Through a journey in space and time among different cultures and histories, the cultural routes clearly indicate that the heritage of the different European countries is actually a common European heritage.

It should be remembered that the Via Francigena is essentially a pedestrial route, a modern “green way”. Not only that. Actually it is a route generally outside traditional tourist itineraries and rich in ethic and popular features deeply rooted in our traditions. The values of tradition and of genuine lifestyles are likely to offer everybody, including young people, women and unskilled applicants, job opportunities and chances of professional growth.

Previous interview with Antonio Tajani on the Magazine “Via Francigena and the European Cultural Routes” (2010)

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