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Via Francigena in Campania region: official signposting installed!

The year 2024 begins with good news for the Via Francigena in the Campania region and the pilgrims wanting to travel along it. The month of December 2023 ended with the start of the installation works of the official signposting along the path in Campania.

Campania region is crossed by approximately 250 kilometres divided into 9 stages and 3 official variants, from Sessa Aurunca to Buonalbergo, cutting through the provinces of Caserta and Benevento. An inestimable heritage of landscape, people, gastronomy, and culture that thanks to the Via Francigena can be discovered slowly, leaving the door open to unexpected revelations and surprising encounters.

The work started in Sessa Aurunca (CE) and will continue to the border with Puglia, with the installation of new bidirectional arrows and the application of paint signage.

This intervention was made possible thanks to the commitment of the Campania Region through the Campania Tourism Regional Agency and the contractor.

The new signposting complies with the indications of the European Association of the Via Francigena ways, collected in the “Abaco della segnaletica lungo la Via Francigena in Italia” and the “Vademecum of the European standards of the Via Francigena route”. This intervention is of great importance for the enhancement and safety of the Via Francigena in Campania, and adds to the efforts that volunteers, professionals, and Friend associations constantly make to contribute to the maintenance of the route.

Of the progress of signposting along the Via Francigena in Campania, we had already spoken on these channels in September 2021, during our great relay event ‘Road to Rome!’. The inspection carried out on that occasion had given the EAVF team and the representatives of associations and institutions on the road the opportunity to check the state of the route and to update the ‘light’ signposting affixing the new official stickers, especially near the crossroads.

The goal is to make the Via Francigena in Southern Italy ever more structured and marked, with a particular focus also on the safety of the route.

Small but impactful actions that make a difference, setting the tone for a positive start to the year… in the right direction!

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