Via Francigena

How to Become a Member

All the European Municipalities, Provincial Administrations, Regional Administrations and Mountain Communities, as well as all the public entities constituted in compliance with the laws of the State under whose jurisdiction they lie and on the basis of the principles set up by the European Union can be members of the association.

The association offers the following categories of membership:

• Founding members: all those who have joined the association within 30th April 2006;

• Ordinary members: all those who have joined after 30th April 2006 and are however situated along Sigeric’s itinerary, acknowledged by the Council of Europe;

• Subscribing members: all those who wish to participate to the projects of the association, despite not being situated along Sigeric’s itinerary, nor along any of the alternative routes validated by the Assembly.

The Assembly may also appoint extraordinary and honorary members, accepting requests both from private and from public operators; Extraordinary and Honorary members are those who have supported the activity and the enhancement of the association thanks to their active participation in the association’s activities or thanks to their financial contribution.

Members package


The official route is the one recorded by Sigeric, archbishop of Canterbury; this ancient road, which was acknowledged “Major Cultural Route” by the Council of Europe, passes through England, France, Switzerland, Italy and the Vatican State. However, alternative routes may also be accepted as part of the official road, provided that their existence can be traced back to historical route corridors converging from Europe to Vatican City and then to Southern Italy till Jerusalem. These alternative routes must be surveyed according to the technical standard system adopted for the official route. The alternative routes, scientifically proven and technically surveyed, will have to be approved by the Members’ Assembly, which might rely on the technical advice given by the International Scientific Committee (nominated by the assembly).


All public, private and non-profit associations, which carry out activities in support of the enhancement of the Vie Francigene and which have signed a memorandum of intent with the association can become Friend. They must not comply with economic contributions.

It is possible to download the assent form, which must be filled in and sent by mail to the following address: Associazione Europea delle Vie Francigene. Piazza Duomo, 16 – 43036 Fidenza (PR) Telefax: 39 0524 517513

It is important to write the address of the institution and the name of the contact person on the document, in order to permit the association’s staff to reply to the letter.