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“The legend of Sigeric: the true story of the Via Francigena”


Written by Sabine Rostaing, in collaboration with her husband Nicolas and her son Matthias, who is a playwright, “The legend of Sigeric: the true story of the Via Francigena” puts together historical events and the stages of Sigeric’s Journey, the archbishop of Canterbury who set the basis (without knowing it!) of our Via Francigena.

The book, created in the style of a conte théâtrale, traces the story of this man in a semi-serious and engaging manner.

Lightly written, it leads us into the beauty of a trip across time. The text is supported by a glossary, helping us to interpret the language.

Through the official website, you can access more information and other contents for free, as well as podcasts and some extracts of the book’s text.

Extracts from the book:

The official website:

The podcasts:


You can contact Sabine Rostaing to get a copy of the book:


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