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Restyling: EAVF’s new website is now online

Important news is coming for those who are planning their next trip along the Via Francigena or other walking routes. Our website evolved in a new version, easier to navigate and increasingly complete of information.

A restyling process, developed by technical partner Itineraria, has been developed coherently with the association’s visual identity. This update aims to better present information on the route, on partnered accommodation facilities, on organised tours, and sharing practical details to efficiently organise the trip, by foot or by bike.

Specifically, the path section of the new website, together with the interactive map, will track the Via Francigena stages along the entire 3,200 km, reporting possible issues, variants, refreshment spots and alternative routes for each of the four countries crossed by the trail: England, France, Switzerland and Italy.

The new website will not forget fundamental items and information related to the credential, the ‘pilgrim’s passport’ which is necessary to benefit of discounts and facilities along the route; it will also focus on technical details related to walking equipment, safety and health: we will talk about the perfect lightweight but complete backpack, filled with everything that is strictly necessary; the best choices of shoes; an overview of common mistakes, soreness and signals given by the body when it is continuously strained or pushed over its limits. All these elements should never be underestimated: blisters, cramps and insolation can ruin your on-the-road adventure…on the website you will find tips to avoid taking that risk, including specific physical preparation exercises.

One of the most popular webpages is certainly Where to Sleep, which provides an overview of accommodation structures along the trail, their prices, their characteristics and conditions, divided by stage thanks to the handy interactive maps.

Those who do not love DIY trips will find the Tour section particularly useful, as it contains a selection of recommended tour operators and specialised guides who can organise your trip. These are expert professionals who can arrange guided tours or individual trips; they reserve all accommodation facilities, arrange your luggage transport from one stage to the next and provide continuous assistance, even from a distance, for a short or long journey on the road.

EAVF’s fresh website highlights the news related to the association and its network of members and partners. Until the 18th of October, real-time updates from Road to Rome 2021. Start again! will be constantly published: the initiative was born to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the association through a long walk and cycle across the entire Via Francigena, from Canterbury to Santa Maria di Leuca. There is no better birthday present than an intuitive and exhaustive brand-new website!

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