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Resilience and sustainability: Annual Forum on cultural routes

On 29 September – 01 October 2021 takes place the annual advisory forum on cultural routes. Organised by the Council of Europe, the event brings together stakeholders from the cultural and tourism sectors united by the common topic – cultural routes.  

The Via Francigena, cultural route of the Council of Europe since 1994 celebrates the 27th anniversary of this prestigious certification. The EAVF director, Luca Bruschi speaks at the forum on 30 September, highlighting the work of the association for tourism recovery after the pandemic and recent innovative projects, including the “Road to Rome 2021. Start again!”

Featured at the institutional panel of the Forum, the EAVF is recognised as a prominent actor in sustainable tourism, showcasing the Via Francigena as an example of resilience and alternative solutions in difficult times.

The Forum is attended by 35 member States of the Council of Europe, Representatives of 45 Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, International Organisations, hundreds of stakeholders.

The event takes place online and is streamed in open access in social media

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