Via Francigena

Results of the Photo Contest
“Share your route!” 2023

The second edition of the photo competition promoted by the European Horizon2020 project rurAllure took place from 1 June to 30 September 2023. 

Pilgrims from all over Europe participated, sharing photos and videos on the road on their social profiles: in 4 months we collected more than 4,000 photos, of which 1,700 coming from the Via Francigena!

An internal jury selected the winning photos for each category, here are the ones that won the first prizes for the Via Francigena category.

Congratulations to all participants!

1 prize: @denise_laspina_

2 prize: @incamminoconivan

3 prize: @curiosita_randagia

The most inspiring story

"08/08/2023, Cort - Verrès, 3. The premature stop the day before turned out to be the right choice. Walking this route is beautiful, just as it is beautiful to struggle to keep going with every step. Fatigue makes you feel good; it focuses your concentration on simple movements. Your body seems to talk to you; your breath is laboured, your lungs swell and your heart beats like a hammer beating hard on your chest. It is like doing any physical activity, but I feel something more that I cannot explain. Fatigue is therefore pleasant, as long as one does not feel pain, in which case everything changes, but often the two merge and one migrates from one to the other several times. After three days from the start, the legs miraculously loosen up, all pain disappears and there is only a long way to go. It is a wonderful feeling! The body seems to have finally tuned in, as well as the head; however, it took a few days to fully immerse oneself in the Francigena experience and the adaptation of the body manifests itself most clearly. At the end of the stage, we meet Renato, a friendly farmer on a vintage Vespa that he has no intention of selling. He tells us some anecdotes about the valley and his personal history; I ask him to greet us in dialect and he replies practically in French. We arrive in Verrès with ease, we sleep at the hostel Il Casello, attached to the station. It may be that I have always had a soft spot for stations since the days of the inter-rail, it may be the new pilgrim friends we meet at dinner, it may be the timeless atmosphere of the hostel, but I feel that something has changed today, and that I would like nothing more than this 'slow-motion sailing'."

Best reel

Vincitore categoria "Bici"

1st place
1st place

The most active pilgrim

(Michael Nigro (@mik_hey) submitted with 20 posts for a total of 144 photos and 1 reel!

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TOP20 Via Francigena photos

This is the jury’s TOP 20 photos of the Via Francigena selected out of more than 1700. Thanks a lot for the participation to all pilgrims and walkers!

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