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“Jews, Muslims, Christians on the road”: the Via Francigena shares its history

The European Association of Via Francigena ways (EAVF) will take part in a two-day conference in Rome on 15 December 2021 dedicated to traveling and the storytelling of journeys, venturing between historical routes and modern itineraries, between wayfaring and pilgrimage.

The journey is the “place” where different identities meet and confront each other, the space to build new societies, relationships, connections that stimulate development. Believers of the three great monotheist religions built the history of contemporary cultures by crossing each other’s steps and sharing their travel experiences.

Luca Bruschi, EAVF’s Director, will speak about this and share his experience in the long journey “Road to Rome 2021” with students, teachers and experts in the sector , a case study at an international level that brought together peoples, cultures and local communities.

The meeting is organised by the Heritage and Territory Centre for the Degree Course in Tourism at the European University of Rome.
It is possible to follow the conferences of 14 and 15 December both in presence and online, upon registration.

Click here for more information and for registrations

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