Via Francigena

Lavori Francigena Sezze 2_cut
Interruption of the VFS 6 stage from Sezze to Priverno (Lazio)

An interruption was reported on a section of the Via Francigena in Southern Italy in the municipality of Sezze. Due to repair works to a water conduit coming from the ‘Sardellane’ basin and serving the municipality in question, the latter deemed it necessary to issue Order No 91 of 15 June. It prohibits, as of the following day, pedestrian passage in this section of the Via Francigena coinciding with the works. It has therefore been necessary to temporarily modify the route of the stage in question in order to avoid pilgrims passing through the forbidden section.

➡️ View the temporary GPX track online: click here

➡️ Download the temporary GPX track: click here to download

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