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From Canterbury to Fidenza: An Interview with Councillor Connie Nolan

Connie Nolan, a councillor delegated for the city of Canterbury, met with the President and staff of the European Association of the Via Francigena ways (EAVF) in Fidenza during the last edition of the Francigena Fidenza Festival, which this year reached its fourth edition.

For Nolan, it was an opportunity to personally experience a segment of the Via Francigena route as well as visit the EAVF headquarters. She actively participated in some of the festival’s activities, which this year included over fifty initiatives. Specifically, the councillor took part in a scientific conference organised by the University of Parma and EAVF, dedicated to the development of the Via Francigena and its cultural heritage, and she gave an interview to the staff.

Canterbury, the zero kilometre point of the Via Francigena, has been a member of the EAVF since 2005 and participates in numerous initiatives that can be consulted here, in preparation for the 30th anniversary of the route’s recognition as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.

The English city council is also supporting the establishment of the Francigena Britannica, an extension of the Via Francigena linking London and Canterbury along a 150-kilometer stretch of the path, which recently saw a delegation at work to certify this extension.

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