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EAVF teams up with UK publishing house Cicerone to launch new Via Francigena guides

Redazione AEVF
Redazione AEVF

An exciting new collaboration between EAVF and publisher Cicerone Press has led to the upcoming launch of 3 new Via Francigena guidebook volumes, the first of its kind to cover the entire stretch from Canterbury to Rome.


Cicerone is a publishing house located in the UK known for its many walking guides along pilgrim routes and other itineraries across the entire globe. The new guide for the Via Francigena has been divided into 3 different volumes:

  • Part 1 from Canterbury to Lausanne
  • Part 2 from Lausanne to Lucca
  • Part 3 from Lucca to Rome.

    All 3 guides are written in the English language.

These comprehensive travel guides represent the perfect opportunity for tourists and pilgrims alike to venture outside again and discover the Via Francigena in all its natural and cultural glory. Moreover, with these guidebooks we aim to support the relaunch of sustainable tourism throughout Europe after the covid pandemic.


Join our panel of expert guests this Thursday 15 April at 18:00 to celebrate the launch of Part 2 and Part 3 of the new guidebooks. During the LIVE broadcast Sandy Brown, Luca Bruschi, and Myra Stals will be sharing their travel experiences along the Via Francigena.

Sandy Brown is an ordained minister, community activist and long-distance walker from Seattle, Washington. He is the author of the new guidebooks to the Via Francigena, as well as guidebooks to the Camino Frances and the Way of St Francis. Currently walking the California Mission Trail, Sandy has walked over 10,000km on pilgrim paths in Europe and the US since 2008.

Joining us from the EAVF headquarters in Fidenza (Italy), Luca Bruschi is the executive director of the European Association of Vie Francigene. A fervent hiker himself, he has walked thousands of kilometres along various European pilgrimage routes over the past few years. Luca will introduce the route as well as the important work of the association.

Myra Stals is passionate about cycling and fighting plastic pollution and has recently joined the EAVF team. In 2020 she cycled the Via Francigena in Italy, collecting litter along the entire route. She will talk about this trip as well as introducing the EAVF’s Road to Rome project for 2021.

You can watch the event live online on Thursday 15 April at 18:00 on the Cicerone website, Cicerone Press Facebook page or YouTube channel. Send your questions for our panel of expert guests to in advance or during the live event.


Purchase Part 2 from Lausanne to Lucca here:

Purchase Part 3 from Lucca to Rome here:

Part 1 from Canterbury to Lausanne will be released in 2023.