Via Francigena

Esperienze autentiche con Visit Piemonte
Between the Susa Valley and Vercelli, authenticity is on the Francigena route with Visit Piemonte
Visit Piemonte and Via Francigena together to help you discover Piedmont 

The Via Francigena winds its way for over 3,000 km, amidst nature, history, food and wine and cultures that meet; each of its stretches offers a unique and inimitable heritage and the Piedmontese routes between the French border and the Susa Valley and between Vercelli and Turin cross classic tourist routes and more. Click here to discover all the stages. 

Archaeology-loving pilgrims may come across medieval villages characterised by ancient buildings, discovering even more unique and precious treasures inside, such as the urn of Saint Eldred preserved in the parish church of Novalesa, at the foot of the Moncenisio Pass, or the 16th-century frescoes in the parish church of Saint John the Baptist and the Chapel of Saint Christopher in the hamlet of Oulme in Salbertrand.  

Ancient and new flavours mingle along the way thanks to festivals and folklore events with ancient roots, such as the Fiera Franca of Oulx – Fiera del Grand Escarton, the dance of the Spadonari of Venaus or the re-enactment of the Battle of the Chiuse between the Charlemagne and Longobard armies at S. Ambrogio in Turin, at the foot of the iconic Sacro San Michele.Ambrogio di Torino, at the foot of the iconic Sacra di San Michele; and with the overlapping of the Via Francigena with the Strada Reale dei Vini Torinesi, where over its 600 km it is possible to taste no fewer than 25 DOC wines produced from local vineyards: such as the noble and rare Carema wine, which is born exclusively in this location, characteristic for its vineyards clinging to the terraces created by man on the mountain slopes. Not to mention the opportunity to enjoy dishes prepared according to tradition and seasonality everywhere! 

To fully enjoy this immense local heritage, what could be better than relying on the local experience of those who cultivate love and care for the territory every day? So Via Francigena and Visit Piemonte are ready to take you on an authentic journey! 

Why a partnerhsip between Via Francigena and Visit Piemonte?  

Visit Piemonte DMO is an in-house company of the Piedmont Region and Unioncamere Piemonte and represents a reality that works for the promotion of the region’s territory; a participatory path, because just as the Via Francigena route is made up of exchanges between territories and pilgrimsə, so too the company works in continuous synergy and dialogue to build and constantly strengthen a common vision on the road to take to enhance Piedmont’s richness in the eyes of the world. 

Visit Piemonte works for the development of sustainable tourism with a European outlook, thanks also to projects such as M.I.T.O. – Integrated models for outdoor tourism in the ALCOTRA space, which aims to create international tourism based on outdoor activities, through the promotion of natural heritage and involving public and private entities. 

The richness of a journey is more intense if it is travelled together 

Via Francigena and Visit Piemonte are ready to make the path across Piedmont a new, accessible and inclusive experience, far removed from the classic wine and food or nature itineraries of the beaten tracks and closer to the true and authentic essence of this land, whose ancestral history has left evident marks in the soil and stone, as in the customs and processing of products. Thanks to the pilgrim experience, this essence can be grasped in every way: because the walk is no longer a simple passing visit to a place, but an encounter between the itinerary and the routes that cross it. 

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