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promozione cammini a Roma
Agreement between the Via Francigena and the Via Romea Germanica to promote the paths to Rome

Cooperation agreement signed between Via Francigena and Via Romea Germanica.

On 26 July 2023 the two Roman routes – Via Francigena, represented by the European Association of Via Francigena ways (EAVF) and Via Romea Germanica, represented by the Associazione Europea della Via Romea Germanica (AEVRG) signed a cooperation agreement.

Their respective presidents Massimo Tedeschi and Thomas Dahms met in Venice at the historic Caffè Florian, a member of the Council of Europe’s cultural itinerary of historic cafés, with the aim of implementing a series of actions and measures to implement and promote the paths leading to Rome.

An important step towards the thirtieth anniversary of the European certification of the Via Francigena, which was officially recognised as a Cultural Route in 1994, also considering the upcoming Jubilee 2025.

On this occasion, which was also attended by the vice-president of AEVRG, Liviana Zanetti, and her collaborator Isabella Mavellia, the involvement of the third Via Romea, i.e. the Associazione Europea Romea Strata (AERS), was considered so that it could take part in the agreement in the soon future. At the end of this meeting EAVF and AEVRG agreed that the technical coordination committee would meet as soon as possible to plan the next joint activities and thus begin work.

The three Roman associations have been working together since 2021 on mapping the cultural heritage of the routes to Rome as part of the three-year European project rurAllure for the pilot project Thermal Heritage.

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